Desi wholefoods – nothing added, nothing removed !

Literally, “daali” means “the gift of a basketful of seasonal farm produce.”

Through daali earthfoods, we hope to bring you the best of our locally grown, traditionally processed foods.

Throughout the ages, traditional wisdom has advocated the use of seasonal food that has been grown locally. the argument is that such foods are most suitably endowed with the properties that humans and animals are most deficient in during a particular season and particular region.

At daali we believe that grains, fruit and vegetables, as well as dairy and poultry products, exist in an optimal nutritional balance in nature. the more they are processed and refined, the further they get from their original state and lose essential nutritional value.

daali earthfoods consciously tries to incorporate the principles of healthy eating from our own tradition, and uses only locally grown produce, steering away from imported “exotic” plants and seed. we ensure that whichever part of the plant is used, its properties remain intact – with nothing added or removed from it. hence daali aata, daali porridge and all daali spices are guaranteed whole grain, the oil is 100% pressed seed, and the jams are whole fruit, with only the inedible pit removed.

daali products are minimally processed and are rich in dietary fibre, which reduces the risk of colon cancer by minimising the time that cancer-causing substances spend in the digestive tract.

In keeping with our commitment and respect for traditional methods of production, we ensure that we only use an animal-driven kohlu (oil-press) for producing desi sarson cooking oil and hair & body massage oil.

All aata, porridge and spices at daali are ground on our own natural stone mills at slow speed, ensuring that none of our milled items are exposed to high heat at any time.

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